Is This Real Life?

I have been sitting on this news for too long, my friends. And by too long, I mean approximately a week. But it was the longest week of my life.

Remember when I told you about the new adult project I was working on? The one I pitched at RWA and the one that snagged me my pretty agent lady? Well, I have the most amazingly awesomely stupendously crazy exciting news! 



I am so thrilled to be working with Berkley (Penguin) on CAGED IN WINTER, and its sequel (Current title: BOOK 2. I'm so original). I can't wait to share Cade and Winter and their story with you!

This has been such a fast journey that so much of it honestly hasn't even sunk in yet. I mean, in June, I was like, oh, hey...I think I'll write a book. And then:


I got the confirmation e-mail from Mandy that the deal had been finalized yesterday as I was making dinner.

And then I became a vibrating mess of excitement. It's a wonder my children got fed, to be perfectly honest.

To celebrate, I plan to stuff my face with cupcakes and maybe a cocktail (and then let Jillian Michaels kick my ass) on Sunday with some very dear friends. Because what's better than cupcakes and cocktails? Except, maybe...well, you know. *wink wink nudge nudge*

And I promise, I'll be back to doing the Make Mondays Suck Less Giveaways just as soon as NaNo is done. I've set a high goal again (70k), so I've been basically doing nothing but writing and/or plotting and/or planning for the last three weeks. 

And, and...I'm also going to be doing a cover reveal for SEASON OF SECOND CHANCES very, very soon, so stay posted for that!


LtlErthqak said...


Risbee said...

Best news ever! Congrats and Ily <3

jarkin33 said...

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can't wait for cupcakes and cocktails and all the amazing things!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you, lovely lady. I'm so excited for you!!! ~~Candace/SkyCandyWrites

Stacee said...

I am so happy for you, my little nCBB! I can't wait to have signed copies of your books on my shelf.


Lo said...

Congrats girl!!

Alison Packard said...

Congrats! I'm very happy for you!!!!

Rebekah said...

woot! woot!

Emily Murdoch said...

What glorious news! Congratulations and tons of success to you and Mandy and your book! <3

So happy for you! And do celebrate like crazy. Selling books is always glorious, but the first time is extra, extra special.

Clinking cupcakes and eating cocktails! : )

rebecca said...

Congratulations--and good luck with your NaNo! Are you official and on the site and everything? I'm there as beckymmoe, and only *slightly* behind where I should be--totally planning on catching up during the big marathon tomorrow! :)

Stella Ex Libris said...

So happy for you Brighton, CONGRATS!! and yay, can't wait to read Caged in Winter!! :-D

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