Plus One Cover Reveal & Other Awesome Things

It's time! It's time! If you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, well...you sure are pretty. :) And also, this is old news to you because I've been blowing up your feed (okay, I posted a handful of times is all) with this news. On Tuesday, I revealed the cover for Plus One over on FicFare where you can even pre-order it! If that isn't enough to get you over there to have a peek, you can also find the full summary and even an excerpt for your first look at Olivia and Ian. Annnnd, I'm giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, so enter the giveaway!

This week, while being super awesome, has been kah-ray-zee. I've been a querying fool, I debuted the cover and did a giveaway (free book money!), I got a finalized PDF file of Plus One (HOMG!), and I wrote up a blog post for Bad Girlz Write for a guest spot I'll be doing there March 29th. And then, right while I was typing this up, I just walked my fingers over to Goodreads for a link and guess what popped up? SHINY PRETTY!

Man. This suddenly seems very real. 

I know, I know...it's about damn time.

So. Let's recap. Cover reveal! Bad Girlz Write post coming 3/29! Add Plus One on Goodreads! Pre-order from Amazon!

Whew. All right...who's got the nutella and rum? Let's celebrate.



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